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The Characters, Locations, Encounters and Sequences of God Of War

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God of War, the 2018 sequel/soft reboot of sorts from Sony Santa Monica is a highly acclaimed title, winning Game Of The Year at The Game Awards for that year.

Thanks to the assistance of several contributors, I've compiled this guide covering descriptions of the characters, environments, various combat encounters and arguably most importantly, the cutscenes of God Of War. There will also be video examples as well as text transcripts, so you can view the guide in your prefered medium.

Guide Contents

Character Descriptions

The following are descriptions of the various characters you'll meet throughout the course of God Of War, including their physical appearance and their outfits, where applicable.


Kratos is a broad, imposing man whose demeanour emanates rigid discipline. He towers at six and a half feet tall, and boasts thick muscle wherever visible. His skin is an unnatural paper-white, and appears to have textured slightly with age. Two tattoos of flat red lines wind along his body. One runs up his left side, over his chest, and ends in a spiral on his shoulder. The other travels up his spine, over his completely bald head, and through his left eye, ending on his cheek.

Kratos has a face which appears fixed in a permanent scowl, with a large downturned nose, heavy brow, and deep-set eyes which can only be seen as amber in the right light. His large, full beard is well-groomed, and tapers to a soft point a few inches below his chin. The dark brown hair is peppered with occasional grey.

Kratos wears plain cloth pants with leather wrappings belted about his waist. They hang to mid-thigh, and conceal strips of dangling red leather which resemble traditional Greek pteruges (armored skirts). Worn linen bandages completely encase his forearms, and an intricate golden weapon is worn on the backside of his left forearm (see: Guardian shield).

A wide, fur-lined, leather pauldron is the only other garment that Kratos wears on his upper body, leaving his muscled chest, back, and upper arms exposed. A jagged vertical scar can be seen in the centre of his abdomen, puckered and unsightly.

Kratos' attire varies significantly throughout the game, as individual components can be purchased or crafted. Armour components are often subtly removed off-screen when required for certain cutscenes.


At approximately ten to twelve years old, Atreus appears tall for his age. He is thin, pale, and has generally soft features. His large, icy blue eyes are not set as deeply as his father's, but his downward-hooked nose and pouted lips resemble him closely.

The most prominent features of Atreus’s face are the deep scars along his left cheek, chin, and forehead. Several jagged lines and pockmarks rake through his otherwise smooth skin, crossing over his eye and reaching down to his jaw. They appear to have been healed for years, but are still deep enough to cast a shadow in the right light. His dark brown hair is trimmed nearly to the scalp on both sides, with a few inches left on top. The remaining hair runs upward into a natural ridge which falls slightly forward on his forehead.

Atreus is dressed practically in black cloth pants and tunic, dark boots, and a pelt with thick grey fur over his chest and shoulders. His arms and lower legs have thin rope and strips of leather wound about them, keeping the loose fabric bound tightly to his limbs.

The only colourful bits of clothing are the yellow undershirt which can barely be seen at his collar, and an orange and yellow patterned cloth wrapped around his waist. A black leather finger guard can be seen on his right hand, and a brown hide quiver is strapped to his back.


Atreus’s clothing varies significantly when the player purchases or crafts alternate outfits as the game progresses, with each granting different bonuses. (See below)
Tunic of Hope: Atreus’s starting outfit as described above.

In-game description: “Fashioned from leather and wolf hide. A gift from Atreus’s mother.”

Basic Sharpshooter Garb: While Atreus’s pants and boots remain the same, a bright yellow tunic replaces the plain black one. He wears the same wolf hide over it, and the orange cloth wrapped around his waist. A small, boiled leather pauldron can be seen on his left shoulder.

In-game description: “Reduces the Talon Bow’s recharge time. AIMED SHOT - Enemies in air take increased damage.”

Basic Fighter Tunic: Atreus’s pants and boots remain the same, and his yellow undershirt is still visible at the collar, but his sleeves are a bold red velvet wrapped in boiled leather. Four brown leather pieces, each cut in roughly the shape of a leaf, hang from the front, back, and sides of his waist. The front one is painted with a simple knot pattern in muted red. Atreus still wears the wolf hide overtop, and the orange cloth around his waist.

In-game description: “Increases Atreus’s melee damage. EXPOSE WEAKNESS - Enemies choked by Atreus will take increased damage.”

Basic Runic Vestment: Atreus’s pants and boots remain the same, with netted leather armour and a length of chainmail hanging from his waist. The yellow undershirt is still visible at his collar, but his sleeves are are a deep indigo, and wrapped in dark leather. Atreus still wears the wolf hide overtop, and the orange cloth around his waist.

In-game description: “Increases Atreus’s recovery speed from enemy attacks. HEALTHSTONE ASSIST - Atreus will sometimes find Healthstones when Kratos is injured.”

Superior Sharpshooter Garb: Identical to the Basic Sharpshooter Garb, with the exception of the wolf hide having been replaced with dull steel plate armour covering his chest and waist. Minimal patterning and trim appears in polished silver, and the pauldron on his left shoulder is now three-tiered and made of the same steel. An intricate, polished-gold bracer covers his left forearm. The orange cloth is still tied about his waist with a thin rope.

In-game description: “Greatly reduces the Talon Bow’s arrow recharge time. AIMED SHOT - Enemies in air take increased damage. BARRAGE - When rapid firing, the last arrow inflicts increased damage.”

Superior Fighter Tunic: Identical to the Basic Fighter Tunic, with two exceptions. First, the leather pieces hanging below his waist are layered above the wolf hide, extending upward nearly to his chest and showing more of the muted red pattern. Second, he now wears two small pieces of polished silver armour: a bracer on his left forearm, and a fitted neck guard attached to the strap of his quiver. The orange cloth is still tied about his waist with a thin rope.

In-game description: “Greatly increases Atreus’s melee damage. EXPOSE WEAKNESS - Enemies choked by Atreus will take increased damage. ENHANCED STRIKES - Increases STUN damage inflicted by Atreus’s melee attacks.”

Superior Runic Vestment: Atreus’s black pants and blue sleeves are still visible, but the wolf hide has been replaced with a chestpiece made of small overlapping squares of silver. The chainmail hanging from his waist is more visible without the wolf hide overtop, and he still wears the orange cloth tied about his waist with thin rope. Atreus now wears a reinforced leather guard on his upper left arm, and the strap for his quiver bears a thicker grey leather. Two pieces of grey wolf hide are visible on his shoulders.

In-game description: “Greatly increases Atreus’s recovery speed from enemy attacks. HEALTHSTONE ASSIST - Atreus will sometimes find Healthstones when Kratos is injured. HEALTHSTONE ENHANCEMENT - Increases Healthstone potency.”

Legendary Sharpshooter Garb: Atreus’s bright yellow tunic gains intricately knotted patterns embroidered in gold at the hem, and the dull steel plate now has twisting golden patterns engraved upon it. He still wears the orange cloth tied about his waist with thin rope. Atreus’s left forearm and part of his upper arm are encased in tiny, overlapping gold pieces which resemble fish scales. They are brightly polished, and glimmer in the light. In-game description: “Massively reduces the Talon Bow’s arrow recharge time. AIMED SHOT - Enemies in air take increased damage. BARRAGE - When rapid firing, the last arrow inflicts increased damage. AERIAL DOMINANCE - Arrows fired while in air inflict additional damage.”

Legendary Fighter Tunic: Atreus now wears only one red sleeve, leaving his right arm bare. The wolf hide can still be seen, but is covered by an asymmetrical red leather chestpiece engraved with intricate knotted patterns. A leather a loincloth hangs from his waist, reinforced with small overlapping squares of deep red leather. Atreus bears a polished silver forearm guard and pauldron on his left side, each engraved with red swirling patterns, which match some metal adornment on the leather straps of his quiver. He still wears the orange cloth tied about his waist with thin rope.

In-game description: “Massively increases Atreus’s melee damage. EXPOSE WEAKNESS - Enemies choked by Atreus will take increased damage. ENHANCED STRIKES - Increases STUN damage inflicted by Atreus’s melee attacks. IRON GRIP - Atreus can choke enemies for longer.”

Legendary Runic Vestment: The chestpiece of overlapping squares of silver has extended to include a skirt, and is trimmed in bold red. A full chainmail tunic with sleeves can now be seen beneath it. Atreus bears a large bracer and pauldron on his left side made of thick, mottled blue hide, and ornamental silver pieces around his left bicep. The wolf hide pieces are still present on his shoulders, and the orange cloth is still tied about his waist with thin rope.

In-game description: “Massively increases Atreus’s recovery speed from enemy attacks. HEALTHSTONE ASSIST - Atreus will sometimes find Healthstones when Kratos is injured. HEALTHSTONE ENHANCEMENT - Increases Healthstone potency. RUNIC ATTUNEMENT - After using a Runic Summon, arrows will deal additional Status damage for 8 seconds”

The Stranger

Though the middle-aged Stranger only stands as tall as Kratos’s shoulders, his unusual appearance makes for an intimidating look. He is pale and markedly less muscular, and has a significantly lower body fat which lends him a thin waist and gaunt face. Completely shirtless and barefoot, he wears only loose black pants, and a series of shabby hides and cloth wrapped thickly about his waist. Strips of cloth bind the pants tightly to his lower legs, and like the leather belt and metal fittings about his hips, they bear strangely beautiful designs, and are far fancier than the rest of his clothing. The Stranger’s scraggly blond hair is trimmed close to the scalp, and is thin enough to expose several blue tattoos along the sides. It is left longer in the back, with half a dozen irregular braids running to the base of his neck. His unkempt beard and full moustache have similar braids hanging down to his collarbone. The Stranger has a sharp nose, sunken temples and cheeks, and reddened eyes with icy grey irises. His bare chest, back, and arms are covered in sapphire blue tattoos of all sorts of different designs. Intricate knots, creatures, runes, and incredibly elaborate circular outlines cover about 40% of the surface of his skin. All are the same shade of blue except for a handful of red runes on his back. The Stranger tends to stand with the line of his posture leaning away from whomever he is addressing, holding his hands away from himself and often gesturing slowly. There is a distinct swagger to the manner in which he walks, and he seems to cock his head forward when speaking, such that his eyes are in shadow and only his lower teeth are visible.

Witch Of The Woods

An altogether beautiful woman, The Witch in the Woods appears to be in her mid forties, with smooth pale skin and thick, dark brown hair. She wears a thick leather tunic with a low V-shaped neckline, rough-spun pants that cut off at the knee, and has no sleeves or shoes. Two layers of light brown cloth resembling long vests drape over her shoulders and extend to her knees, and are bound loosely at the waist by a length of thin ivory cloth. They partially conceal a large, polished gold disc attached to her tunic just below the bust, which has several dozen interlinked gold coins hanging below it. The Witch’s facial features are generally smooth and soft, with flawless skin, wide lips, and large brown eyes set below thin eyebrows. She wears dark eye makeup, and her hair appears shiny and neatly groomed. It hangs to her shoulder blades in a series of loose braids bound together at her back, and hanging forward over each shoulder. Her bare arms have the faintest shadows of straight lines criss-crossing over them, like faded tattoos just slightly darker than her complexion. A number of leather strips and jewellery adorn her wrists, ankles, upper arm, and hang from the Witch’s neck. She also wears beads and feathers in her hair, and a sheathed sword upon her back with polished gold designs, though no straps leading from it are visible.

The World Serpent Jörmungandr

The long, winding body of Jörmungandr is an ever-present sight in the background of most Midgard locations; a stylised version of him even appears on the in-game map. His sea-green scales, interspersed with soft pink, can be seen weaving between hills, rocks, and through the Lake of Nine, and his body appears to be several miles long. The player never sees the end of his tail.

Jörmungandr’s head alone is at least thirty metres long, and has a generally rounded shape like that of a constrictor snake. Deep green seaweed dangles from his chin and jaw, loosely resembling a beard, and his relatively small red-orange eyes are so bright they seem to glow. Within his wide mouth are two rows of triangular, shark-like teeth, and a disconcertingly human-like pink tongue.


Brok stands just a scant few inches taller than Atreus, and is broad in stature with a disproportionately large head and arms. His skin is a deep greyish blue, and his black hair recedes significantly, exposing most of the top of his head. He has a wide, flat face, heavy brow, and a small but full beard bordering his jaw and chin. Brok wears a set of ornate gold armour concealed beneath a heavy leather apron, which is buckled overtop of it. Although the visible armour boasts ornate designs or occasional blue paint, it blends seamlessly with the far more practical-looking leather pieces. Several tools and nails can be seen hanging from belts or stowed in pockets. His pack animal is an enormous creature which stands on two legs, with proportions resembling a dinosaur. The resemblance ends there however, as she is covered in fur and has a distinctly horse-like head and neck. All of Brok’s smithy, tools, and furniture are proportionate to him. He tends to stand just behind a low wooden table when addressing Kratos, spreading his enormous hands flat on its surface and leaning his weight against them.


Sindri stands slightly taller than Brok, and is noticeably thinner, but has similar proportions otherwise. His thin face and large, watery eyes are his most noticeable facial features, and his thinning hair and short beard are both gathered and bound by leather strips. Sindri wears remarkably clean and elaborate gold armour over emerald green clothing, with interlinked flat sections allowing for flexibility over his chest and back. Large gold pauldrons and layered bracers boast knotted designs on their surface, but are partially covered by thick, red leather gloves which come nearly to his elbows. Sindri wears a short half-apron and leather pouch around his hips, both of which are inlaid with silver. All of his smithy, tools, and furniture are proportionate to him, and (like his clothing and armour) appear immaculately clean. When he isn’t working, Sindri tends to stand with one hand on his hip, or steeple his long fingers together in thought.


When first introduced, Mimir can be difficult to spot. His naked body is twisted through the trunks of a tall, multi-stemmed tree, looking as though the two have grown together. His head, chest, and one leg are exposed, but his flesh has become bruised, pockmarked, or overrun with green mould.

Thick stems bind his shoulders and elbows, suspending his arms away from his body. His mossy hands are left free, and are the only part of himself that Mimir is capable of moving besides his head.

Mimir is bald, with an overgrown dark grey beard and moustache which are ragged and unkempt. He appears to be in his early seventies, with bushy eyebrows and large bags under his eyes. Mimir’s left eye socket is open and empty, and the iris of his right eye is a brightly glowing circle of gold. Two small, ivory horns protrude from his forehead, and curve back toward the crown of his head before coming to a tapered point. The smoothly rounded surfaces of his horns have been engraved with knotted patterns, and his bare head has rows of faded runes tattooed in greyish blue.

Enemy Descriptions

The following are descriptions of the various enemies encountered throughout the game, including different variants where applicable.


The Draugr is an undead soldier that retains its human size and form, but with emaciated grey skin that clings in some places to bone, in others to the last remnants of flesh. From its forehead bony protrusions stick upwards and slightly back, as though the skull has been torn open from the back and peeled to the front. The face has two orange-red, glowing eyes, sunk in deep sockets. The face is split down the centre from forehead to upper lip, as if cleaved by a blade, and this leaves the right side of the face set about two inches lower than the left. This division of the face is emphasised by an appearance of stony petrification on its left side. The nose, ears and teeth are barely recognisable, though there is a faint orange glow coming from the mouth and where the nostrils should be. There is a straggly grey beard hanging from the cheeks and chin.

The Draugr stands slightly hunched, and wears a dome shaped metal shoulder plate on its right shoulder with spikes – some stunted, some still sharp – protruding from the lower rim. In the upper chest the bones of the creature’s skeleton are clearly visible pressing against the underside of the skin.

On the upper section of the forearms are what might have once been armour, but it is now hard to discern if that is indeed true, or whether it is deformed bone. The lower forearms and wrists are wrapped in strips of old cloth. It holds a crude short-sword in its right hand which is dirty and heavily notched along the blade.

There are metal guards on the outside of both of its thighs. The leather straps wrapped around its waist are a faded red, and the ends hang loose. These straps serve to hold up a short, tattered chainmail skirt. The rest of its legs and its feet are bare.

Basic Draugr attack with one move: they will use both hands to swing the sword in an overhead arc from the left shoulder downwards and across, stepping forward towards Kratos with the momentum.


Explosive Draugr look exactly the same as basic Draugr except that they store energy in their bodies. This causes them to glow a fiery orange. If Kratos uses a melee attack on them, some of this energy is released in a violent, fiery explosion, knocking Kratos back a step or two and inflicting burn damage upon him. They will otherwise attack in the same manner as basic Draugr.

Power weapon Draugr are basic Draugr that have the ability to channel energy into their arms. Doing this makes their arms and sword glow fiery orange. Once charged up, they then attack with a very powerful move: with both hands, they raise their sword up and over their head. A red pulse is shown on screen to indicate that this is an ‘unblockable’ attack. They then swing the sword forward and down into the ground. Energy is released into the ground where it is seen as a narrow, waist high shockwave, again fiery orange in colour. If Kratos does not dodge this it will hit him and inflict fire damage. It cannot be blocked.

Speed Draugr are basic Draugr that channel their energy into their legs. They then attack at speed, covering a large distance quickly to inflict damage on Kratos by swinging their sword in a downward swipe. They need to charge this attack first however, and are seen to brace themselves briefly before the dash attack. This allows Kratos to telegraph the move and bring his shield up at the correct time to parry, and therefore stun, the Draugr, leaving it open to an attack before it can dash back to a safer distance.

Heavy Draugr are larger in all ways than regular Draugr, but otherwise the same in appearance, other than having a green tint to their skin. They carry a huge double headed war axe, which they use with both hands, swinging it down from overhead or across from left to right. They are also more agile than they appear, being able to jump at Kratos from across the screen, as well as darting in to jab at him with their axe. They can shoot projectiles from their left hand.

Projectile Draugr will appear almost always on ledges, keeping themselves out of melee combat, as they are weak and wear no armour. They charge up a shot with their left hand, which causes their whole arm to glow fiery orange. They then fire the shot at Kratos. The shot has the appearance of a head-sized lump of molten rock, and leaves a fiery trail in its wake.


The following are descriptions of locations visited throughout the game, in order of appearance, though areas can be re-visited later at will or may be returned to for story purposes.

Midgard: Wild Woods

The home of Kratos and Atreus is a rich, wintery wood. It is teeming with natural beauty laid gracefully over signs of a past civilization. Tall birch trees grow wherever they can in the rocky environment, straight and sparse but for a few brown or yellow leaves. Dry grass and low scrub bushes are the only other vegetation, though moss can be seen peppering rocks with more sun exposure. A thin layer of pure white snow covers everything: every boulder, tree, and the tops of every bush. There are paths where it has been trodden to mud with frequent footsteps, but in most locations Kratos and Atreus walk through fresh snow.

Rotting wood and crumbling stone structures are littered throughout the Wildwoods, blending seamlessly with nature. Many are difficult to notice through the layers of moss, snow, or dirt, and look as though they’ve been there for a hundred years or longer. Low pillars, barrels, boxes, wooden shacks, platforms, even occasional stairs or walls can be found, often accompanied by a tattered red pennant fluttering in the wind. Heavy iron braziers mounted on walls or floors have been lit, illuminating the caverns or crevasses Kratos and Atreus traverse, but most places still have a soft, natural light peeking through from above.

Kratos’s humble house is nestled beside a rock wall, in the middle of a flat clearing. Though it is only one small room, it appears sturdy and weather worn, with dry mud sealing its exterior gaps. The A-line roof is covered in overhanging moss, and on one side it continues past the wall and meets the ground, forming a sheltered exterior area. A simple fence on the opposite side separates the two halves of the clearing it sits within. The front door has large runes carved down either side of it.

The interior is lit only by candles; there are no windows, and the walls and high roof are constantly in shadow. The sparse, simple furnishings include a low table, shelves, and two beds in the far corner with their heads close together. Worn furs are laid over the floor and beds, while small trinkets dangle from the rafters and walls.

Midgard: The River Pass

While generally more verdant than the Wildwoods, the River Pass still has soft snowfall stippling the air. Higher stony areas and trees are capped with white, but the lower paths and underground passages appear slightly warmer, with mud and moss spread over the rocks. A diverse array of plant life can be seen growing wherever it manages to take hold, from small patches of long grass, to ferns, to bright green lichen hanging from cave walls. Tall, spindly birch trees are interspersed with low saplings and fuller pines, and even an occasional red-leafed tree. Structures of rotting wood and carved stone are more plentiful, and at times so expansive and elaborate that they comprise entire rooms underground. The immense stone construction can often be seen crumbling and blending with the caverns, to the point where it is unclear whether the spaces were formed naturally to begin with. Rusted iron gates and bars are interwoven within them, and broken weapons, furniture, and pottery litter the corners. The bulk of the area is brightly sunlit, or illuminated by braziers. Shallow, trickling water can occasionally be seen above ground, which manages to come together enough to cascade into a small stream.

The River Pass also includes the Witch’s Cave, which consists of raised paths and mechanisms snaking irregularly through a larger cavern. The Witch’s Cave is markedly darker than most environments, and is lit by strange rectangular lanterns hung from its ceiling. The rock formations include stalagmites and stalactites, deep crevices forged by running water, and even hexagonal basalt pillars. Old but sturdy wooden structures, such as bridges, platforms, and an elevator, can be seen affixed expertly to the rocks and lashed together with thick rope. Carved runes adorn the wood and stone, and dried herbs and trinkets hang from every possible surface. Throughout the cavern, puzzles of almost every variety can be completed for optional rewards; they will not be specifically mentioned here for the sake of avoiding spoilers. To put it simply, for every new method obtained for unlocking areas or completing puzzles, it is safe to assume there will be something to complete in the Witch’s Cave.

The final sub-areas in the River Pass are the Witch’s House and Woods. Minor spoilers follow for their reveal in an early game mission. The Witch's Woods have extremely limited access, and cannot be entered outside of specific story missions. It is by far the lushest environment in Midgard, teeming with flora which appears to be in the height of autumn. Tall, white-barked trees and branching oaks boast blood-red foliage, and their leaves flutter through the still air. Nearly every surface is covered in unkempt golden grasses, colourful wildflowers, lichen, and mushrooms. Occasional bare rock faces have large, glowing blue runes on them, which Atreus can read if the player presses the square button nearby them. No snow can be seen anywhere in the small area. A flat stone path winds through the flat portions of the grove, leading to the Witch’s House. The house itself is affixed beneath the lower shell of a giant turtle, and is set into the ground. The turtle is nearly fifteen metres high, with mottled green flesh and a shell overgrown with grass and lichen. Atop his back grows an even larger, branching tree, which possesses the distinctive red leaves of the Witch’s grove. Upon being given the command of “Heimili” from the Witch, the turtle raises or lowers the house into the ground, allowing its single entryway to open to either the wood or the caverns below. The Witch’s house is a circular, low-ceilinged room, approximately twenty-five metres in diameter. It appears to be masterfully constructed, with curved rafters, a flat floor inlaid with stone, flat moulded walls, and several windows with wooden shutters. The clean-swept floor in the center of the room has a large, circular pattern with runes carved into it. Various ritualistic ornaments hang from the rafters, and include herbs, wood carvings, animal skulls, and feathers. A low platform on one side of the room has a small table, chair, shelves, and a large stone hearth set in the wall. When the house is underground, the hearth provides the majority of the room’s light, and is supplemented by clusters of candles hung from chains.

Midgard: The Lake/Shores of Nine

At approximately a kilometre across, the Lake of Nine rests within a crater-like depression amidst hills and caverns of dark grey stone. Mist and snow soften the distant cliffs, whose immense, implacable faces are adorned with seaweed and other detritus. Small, flat beaches manage to wedge themselves into what little room is available between the stone walls and the water’s edge. The nine realm towers for which the lake is named border the lake’s edges at regular intervals, and the circular temple to Tyr proudly dominates its centre.

The waters of the Lake are generally calm, with gentle breezes sending ripples across its surface. It is too murky to see below, but plenty of debris bobs on its surface. Shimmering pools of Aegir’s gold can be picked up by Atreus by pressing circle near them, and Hacksilver can be gained by steering the boat over floating barrels, corpses, or planks. Shipwrecks in varying states of decay serve as both scenery pieces and small, discrete areas to explore.

Most docking points are marked by a fluttering white flag, though the beaches bear no such marker. The boat can be beached on their shores by pressing circle nearby, and there is always one small, obvious location for doing so. The shores contain a variety of optional puzzles, loot, collectibles, treasures, and favours. The rewards for these vary widely, as some require later game abilities to unlock.

Traversing the caverns and beaches makes it clear that, until recently, they were underwater for quite some time: dying barnacles, sea grass, dead fish, crabs, and bloated corpses litter the levels. Approaching particular corpses will result in the appearance of a spirit, who rises from his body and floats over it. They are usually transparent blue or green, with hazy outlines and rippling surfaces, which make it difficult to discern the emaciated body beneath. They can be spoken to by pressing triangle nearby.

Though there are several offshoots of the Lake where inlets and outlets have spread its borders, the central portion is generally round enough for the nine realm towers to be placed in a perfect circle about its centre. Each appears to be a stone wall, about twenty metres high, ten meters wide, and three meters thick, with a glowing rune representing the realm on its centre. Set into the bottom of each is a large door with unique engravings and colours. Each realm tower is accessible in different ways, and has different encounters, including realm tears, chests, and explorable areas through its doors..


When viewing the map, a gold circle with a red and gold patterned trim lies at the lake’s centre. The circular temple structure is an imposing sight from the lake, tall enough to cast large shadows, and approximately fifty metres in diameter. The interior is only accessible via a single entryway with wide double doors, and does not appear to encompass all of the Temple’s space. Though the torchlit walls show a bit of wear and rust from water damage, their architecture is smooth and lavish. Brok’s shop inside the entrance is a strange contrast to the curving edges, with its smattering of tools, benches, and large canvas posted haphazardly overtop. An ornate fireplace set into the wall behind him provides bright yellow light when the doors to the realm travel room are closed.


The circular room at the centre of the temple is a breathtaking sight, with the glowing branches of the Yggdrasil (world) tree casting an eerie glow over its dark interior. The obsidian-black pillars and floor are trimmed in gold, and twisting gold patterns run along the floor between a central hole and the eight crystals set in a circle around it. The gaping black hole in the middle of the floor is approximately ten metres across, with a circular platform hovering over the unlit depths below. The platform supports a small, round pool, and a strange white tree which appears to flow in and out of existence as it grows upward.

The Yggdrasil tree’s smooth roots snake over the central pool and platform, and twist together to form a flat bridge across the gap. Its wide trunk appears to envelope the circular pool, but only fragments of bark can be seen around the empty space where one would expect to see thick wood. Above the pool, the bark fragments coalesce into a solid tree, then branch into the ceiling like vines creeping across its surface. The tree’s limbs and innumerable tiny leaves glow different colours depending on which realm Kratos is currently in, ranging from a deep blood red, to bright gold, to a soft periwinkle blue. Tiny white flowers and leaves can be seen blooming, then wilting, then reabsorbing, whenever the player activates realm travel.

The gold-rimmed central pool contains an opaque black liquid, with shimmering blue particles floating just above its surface. When activated, miniature representations of Tyr’s temple and the realm towers surface from beneath the liquid, and a realm can be selected using text overlays. Locking in a selection will activate a sequence which is essentially an interactive loading screen. The small bridge formed by the Yggdrasil’s roots retracts, and the central platform slowly rotates to face toward the desired realm. Light shines brightly from the pool and focuses through that realm’s crystal on the floor, while the Yggdrasil flowers and changes colour, and its leaves swirl past on columns of air. Finally, a burst of light signals arrival at the realm, and the roots twist and regrow to form a bridge leading toward the appropriate door.

The bridge outside is constructed of the same gold-trimmed stone as the temple’s interior, and remains constant no matter which realm Kratos is in. It is, however, usually covered in different scenery items related to the realm environment. The Midgard bridge is littered with dead or dying aquatic life like the shores of the lake, and halfway down its length is a wide archway overhead with a circular hole in its centre. An identically sized circle of gold is set into the bridge’s surface beneath, with a crank in the middle. Turning the crank will cause the circular platform to rise from the bridge’s surface, up into the arch overhead. An immense, gold horn lies at the top, whose tube wraps the entire way around the platform.

The doors at the end of the Midgard bridge lead to the foothills.

Important Items

The following descriptions are in no particular order and serve only to provide a basic outline of the physical appearance and attributes of the items, given that some can change significantly throughout the course of the game.

Leviathan Axe

The Leviathan Axe appears simplistic at first glance, with a plain silver blade and long wooden handle of uniform width. The blade has a wide, curving edge which hooks back toward the handle, while the smaller butt of the blade does the same. The flat of the blade is engraved with simple, squarish runes connected by lines, which glow when it is thrown or recalled. The edge is notched and scratched, and the surface of the metal is worn and darkened. Where the metal reaches slightly into the wood of the handle, two small, shallow holes are visible. The wooden handle has an almost ergonomic curve to it, and is long enough reach Kratos’s waist if planted on the ground. The wood is severely scratched and dry, with simple leather wrappings about its handle. A dragon’s head is carved into the pommel at the end. As the Leviathan Axe is upgraded throughout the game, it gradually gains a more elaborate appearance: gold filigree and black fill along the flat of the blade, polished silver edge, gold trim and finial, richly oiled wood, and a molded golden grip. All axe pommels have unique appearances, with higher-level pommels appearing more unique or showy. Some even add a glow or flame effect to the axe pommel, which is visible during all combat and cutscenes. The two small holes near the blade glow blue once light and heavy runic attacks are learned.

Guardian Shield

Kratos’ Guardian Shield is a masterfully crafted golden piece, which folds into an ornate buckler on his left forearm. The buckler consists of an engraved, flat circle in the centre, and two symmetrical pieces of twisted gold protruding towards knuckle and elbow. When activated, these two pieces extend, and the remainder of the shield fans out from them in overlapping sections. The fully-opened round shield is large enough to cover Kratos’s entire torso if held in front of him, and can open and collapse almost instantly. During unarmed combat, he will intersperse blows from his fists with a hit on the edge or flat of the Guardian Shield.

The front of the shield is separated into twelve even sections by thick bands, and the areas between are covered in perfectly uniform, scale-like patterns. When collapsed into the bracer, the shield is worn overtop of all other armour or clothing.

While the default Guardian Shield is a dull metallic gold in colour, other shields can be acquired through unique means. Despite the in-game designations of rarity, each shield only differs cosmetically, as the shield itself cannot be upgraded during the game (only shield/unarmed skills can be learned).

RARE (Pre-order bonuses):

Dökkenshieldr: Shape and texture of the shield are the same as the base Guardian Shield, but the entire weapon is black. The bands, edge, and buckler are a slightly metallic black resembling hammered steel, while the feathered surfaces are a deep matte black.

In-game description: A menacing shield wielded only by the strongest Dark Elves of Alfheim.

Shining Elven Soul-Shield: Shape and texture of the shield are the same as the base Guardian Shield, with the buckler and bands remaining gold. The feathered surfaces are colored a bright ivory.

In-game description: An illustrious shield crafted by the Light Elves of Alfheim.

Buckler of the Forge: Shape and texture of the shield are the same as the base Guardian Shield, with the edge and bands now a darker bronze. The buckler and feathered surfaces are a vibrant sky blue, and knotted patterns are prominently carved on the bands.

In-game description: A powerful shield forged by the two legendary Dwarven blacksmiths.

Exile’s Guardian Shield (Digital deluxe edition): Shape and texture of the shield are the same as the base Guardian Shield, with the buckler and bands now a metallic black. The feathered metal is a light matte grey. The bands are engraved with gold runes, and intricate patterns of gold are barely visible in the central circle and buckler.

In-game description: A stalwart shield etched by a great Stone Mason from Jötunheim.

EPIC (Beat the game on “Give Me God of War” difficulty)

Radiant Shield of Unity: While the overall size and buckler along its centre remain the same, the bands and feathered metal on the flat of the shield have been replaced with concentric circles of various sizes. Each boasts a different, elaborate pattern, all in varying shades of gold and black. The circle closest to the centre on the folding portion has a simple knot pattern which glows a bright bluish white. The side of the shield facing Kratos glows a soft blue when open.

In-game description: A lustrous shield meticulously contoured to commemorate Tyr’s grand experiment.

Aspis of Spartan Fury: Though the general shape remains unchanged, the textures have flattened and the gold color has unified slightly, giving the flat of the shield a more contiguous appearance. The edge is now bordered in a black-and-gold Greek meandros, and the triangular shape of an uppercase Lambda is painted onto the shield’s surface crudely in red. The side of the shield facing Kratos glows a deep red when open.

In-game description: An unwavering shield emblazoned with a reminder of past sins.

PERFECT (Start New Game Plus)

Aegis of Reconciliation: Shape and texture of the shield are the same as the base Guardian Shield, but most of its surfaces have changed to a soft, slightly metallic sea green. The bands and part of the buckler are light gold.

In-game description: A hardened shield commemorating the forging of new bonds.

Barrier of the Fjord (Beat New Game Plus on “Give Me God of War Difficulty”): Shape and texture of the shield are the same as the base Guardian Shield, but the feathered sections of metal are a soft, silvery blue. The twelve bands along its surface are black with twisting silver knots engraved on them, and the buckler and edges are now silver with filigree.

In-game Description: A resilient shield imbued with the immovable durability of a glacier.

Talon Bow

Initially, Atreus’s Talon Bow is completely unremarkable: a simple wooden recurve bow with white cloth wrappings along its grip and limbs. As the bow is upgraded, it gains a number of new designs. First, some simple carvings along the wood of the upper arm, and a curved grip. Then, silver metalwork along the grip, arrow rest, and each recurve. The wood is then painted red, and two dragon heads are carved into each of the tips of the bow. Finally, the silver trimmings are replaced with gold, and the bow becomes thicker and sturdier.

Similarly, Atreus’s quiver starts as stitched brown leather, with a handful of runes etched into it. Upgrades cause the leather to become significantly more colourful and elaborate.


The following are encounters from the game presented in text form, with video versions featuring audio described sequences linked where available.

A Note On The Game's Cinematography

God of War takes place almost exclusively in a third-person perspective, with the free-floating camera looking over Kratos’s right shoulder whenever the player has control. He turns his head in the direction that the camera faces, but does not move his body unless prompted by other controls. In combat, this allows the player to look, attack, and evade in multiple directions, further enhanced by the ability to lock on to enemies.

The entirety of God of War’s gameplay and cutscenes occur as one continuous take, never cutting or switching perspectives. The game is highly unique in this aspect, as most cutscenes in games will include multiple cuts and points of view to more easily capture key moments. For this reason, the player’s point of view always remains close to Kratos or Atreus, never pulling far away from either of them.

God of War’s camera work is planned and staged so well that one might not notice the long, continuous shots unless it were pointed out. The game also has no normal loading screens. If the player were to never die, and never quit to the main menu, he or she could view the game as one continuous shot from difficulty selection through the end credits.

A note on subtitles

During sequences where the dialogue is not subtitled but characters are speaking, [speaking] is used as a substitute for the sake of clarity.

Opening Sequence (Video Available)

Sony Interactive entertainment presents

Santa Monica Studio

God of War

A bare-chested man stands alone in a misty, wooded area. The thin trees are nearly bare, and snow covers the ground. The man, Kratos, has an imposing, muscular physique, and he wears pieces of simple leather armour over his waist and right shoulder, exposing paper-white skin and swirling red tattoos that wind across his left shoulder, chest and face. Strips of rough linen are wound tightly around his wrists and forearms. They are stained red where they may once have been white. He holds a large, sturdy axe by its long wooden handle.

Before him, in the left foreground of the shot, is a silver-barked tree with a shining golden handprint low on its trunk.

Two options are present: New Game, and Settings.

New Game. Select Difficulty. Four options and their descriptions are presented in small white text on a shaded square.

Upon selecting a difficulty, Kratos shifts the Axe from his left hand to his right as he takes a shuffling step forward and kneels. He places his hand across the gold handprint and presses his forehead to the tree, pausing reverently. His thick, well-kept beard and heavy brow conceal what appears to be a permanent frown.

Regaining his intent, he leans back and stares at the tree with intense, amber eyes. He stands, unblinking, then takes a step back and shifts into a well-practiced stance with the Axe firmly in both hands.

A prompt appears in small text at the bottom of the screen: Press R1 to swing the Leviathan Axe.

He lifts the Axe and swings, taking a chunk from the tree. The camera follows the Axe’s swiftly moving blade as he returns to the same stance.

His second swing cuts through the shimmering handprint.

The final swing sends bark flying out of the opposite side, and the camera tilts upward to see the high branches sway, and fall.

Kratos looks down at his work, and stows the Leviathan Axe upon his back as he steps toward the felled tree.

When he leans to pick it up, the bandages on his left wrist begin to unravel and fall. He looks at them, then takes a moment to compose himself, clenching his fist and shutting his eyes. Orange leaves flutter down about him.

He looks down again at his wrists, takes the loose end, and begins slowly, but aggressively wrapping. A young boy named Atreus steps into view with a handful of wildflowers.

ATREUS: Found some

Kratos turns his back as he continues to wrap his wrist. Atreus circles behind him, only to be rebuffed again.

KRATOS: Get in the boat, boy.

Atreus lowers his gaze dejectedly and walks away. Kratos listens for his exit and finishes fixing his wraps. He bends and effortlessly lifts the entire massive tree onto one shoulder, then begins to walk as earth and branches fall from it.

Prompt appears: Use left stick to move.

Kratos walks toward a worn wooden dock adorned with ropes and a white flag. A small wooden boat shaped like a canoe is tied at its end, three meters long and barely a meter across at its widest point. A softly glowing lantern hangs from its bow.

ATREUS: Still want me to tie it to the boat?

A white indicator at the end of the dock prompts the player to press circle. Kratos walks past Atreus and drops the tree on the dock, at the rear of the boat. He tosses one end of a rope…


And stabs the hooked end into the tree. He pushes it into the water as Atreus finishes attaching the rope to the boat, then stands.

KRATOS: That is enough.

They each take one of the boat’s two seats; Kratos at the stern, and Atreus at the bow, both facing the center. Kratos takes up an oar from the bottom of the boat, and pushes off from the dock.

Mission text appears beside an icon of a a white handprint upon a yellow square.

The Journey: The Marked Trees. Follow the river downstream.

Prompt appears: use left stick to steer the boat.

The shallow river flows calm and clear through the wood, and runs beneath a tunnel of dark rock overgrown with moss and roots. Kratos’s powerful rowing sends ripples along the water’s surface.

ATREUS: Father? Did something change? The forest feels different now.

KRATOS: Everything is different boy. Try not to dwell on it.

ATREUS: Yes, sir.

Opening credits in white text fade in, then out, in the lower-right corner: Christopher Judge. Sunny Suljic. Jeremy Davies.

The boat emerges from the tunnel, then arrives at a dock before a steep bank, where a circle prompt hovers overtop. Kratos aligns the boat and steps out, then pulls the tree from the water and again props it upon his shoulder. Atreus ties off the boat, and they begin to walk along a wide, muddy path uphill.

[Player walks with Atreus up the hill]

The credits in the lower right continue: Alastair Duncan. Robert Craighead. Adam Harrington. Music by Bear McCreary. Executive Producer, Shannon Studstill. Produced by Yumi Yang. Directed by Cory Barlog.

Atreus, clad in black pants and a grey wolf pelt belted over a black tunic, leads the way along the well-trodden path. At the top of the hill lies a flat clearing beside a modest wooden home and a fence made of white tree bark lashed together. The house has an A-line roof with dark overhanging moss, and dry mud sealing the gaps between weather-worn logs. Large runes are carved down either side of its single door. Large boulders and trees dusted with snow, border the clearing on all sides. Kratos places the tree next to a neat stack of logs and unhooks the Leviathan Axe.

KRATOS: That was the last.

He begins breaking down the tree beneath the midmorning sun. Atreus dashes over to their house, pauses, then pushes the door open. He takes a deep breath before entering the dark, single room. He then picks up a lit candle and shields it with his hand as he approaches a table in the room’s centre. A dozen unlit candles lie atop it, surrounding the shape of a body cocooned in thick, turmeric-yellow fabrics. Colourful wildflowers are carefully tucked into its edges.

When he reaches the table, Atreus lights the candles using his own.

ATREUS: Lo, there do I see my Mother. Lo, there do I see my Father. Lo, there do they call to me.

He sets down his candle, and adds his flowers to the memorial.

ATREUS: Lo, there do they call to me.

He places his hand on the body, and rests his forehead against his hand, closing his eyes.

ATREUS: Lo, there do they call to me. Lo, there do they call to me. Lo, there do they call to me.

Atreus straightens and turns. In the doorway looms the shadow of Kratos, silhouetted by the snowscape outside. Kratos enters the room looking at the boy, who wipes tears from his face.

ATREUS: She’s ready.

Atreus walks towards the door, leaving Kratos to stand over the shrouded body of his wife. His face is above the reach of the candle’s golden light as he stares downward.

He bends, and leans in close.

KRATOS: Find your way home. You are free.

He gathers her body in his arms, cradles her carefully, and walks out of the house with Atreus in tow. Kratos maintains a rigid posture, but bows his head low. Once outside, they walk over to the neat stack of silver-barked wood, and Kratos lays the body reverently atop her funeral pyre. A small crown of purple flowers is visible around the head of the shroud, and the rich yellow fabric contrasts the ruddy browns worn by father and son.

Atreus hangs back as Kratos kneels, and takes out his Leviathan Axe and a stone.

He strikes the stone to spark a fire. The flames quickly rise, sending tiny golden embers floating upward. Atreus steps forward as his father stands with the Axe still in hand, both seeming unsure of what to say. They look at one another hesitantly, and their eyes meet for one brief moment as their images ripple in the heat of the pyre.

As the fire engulfs his mother's body, Atreus leaps forward to retrieve a small knife that was wrapped among the flowers. It glows yellow as it scars his hand before he drops it in the snow.

ATREUS: I’m sorry.

Kratos kneels and takes Atreus’s hand in his own, scoops a ball of snow and places it in Atreus’s palm.

KRATOS: Squeeze.

He takes a small length of fabric from his forearm, and wraps Atreus’s hand.

KRATOS: This knife. It was hers. Now it is yours.

Kratos gives the knife to Atreus, and stands.

KRATOS: She taught you to hunt?

ATREUS: What she knew.

KRATOS: Show me.

Atreus looks up.



Atreus walks back into the house, leaving Kratos to stoically observe the flames as they cast a warm glow on his unnaturally white flesh.

Atreus emerges with his bow and quiver, stowing each on his back.

ATREUS: What are we hunting?

KRATOS: You are hunting deer.

Kratos continues staring at the fire.

ATREUS: Which way?

KRATOS: In the direction of deer.

ATREUS: OK…? Uhh… This way…

Atreus leads the way into the woods as Kratos follows, taking one last look at the pyre.

Mission text appears

The Journey: The Marked Trees.

Hunt with Atreus.

First Troll Fight (Video Available)

Pronunciation note

The boss’s name is pronounced as follows

Kratos jogs behind Atreus over a snowy rise, past rocky outcroppings and a tattered red banner, before arriving at a small overlook. The deer with the glowing blue antlers can be seen less than twenty metres away through sparse trees.

ATREUS: Father. Look.

Kratos stows his axe and hands Atreus his bow, then kneels beside him.

KRATOS: Wait for my mark. Relax. Do not think of it as an animal. It is simply a target. Clear your mind. Steady your aim and breathe in. Exhale and release.

The player is given control,

ATREUS: I got it!


...and, through a simple series of prompts, fires the arrow into the deer’s ribs. It collapses, and Kratos follows Atreus around a felled tree to a ledge overlooking a clearing full of dry yellow grass.

ATREUS: It’s… It’s still alive.

Atreus kneels by the deer’s shoulder. Kratos kneels by its neck, and places his hand comfortingly atop the buck’s head.

KRATOS: Your knife.

Atreus draws it, and offers it to Kratos.

KRATOS: No. Finish what you started.

Kratos nods toward the deer and removes his hand. The deer’s large, glowing blue eye flicks over to Atreus as he reverses the knife and holds it above its neck in his right hand. The camera tightens on him. Atreus’s right hand begins to shake, and he grips it with his left.

ATREUS: I can’t.

He looks to his father, who places both his enormous hands over Atreus’s. He slowly lowers the blade to the deer’s neck while Atreus watches mournfully. The deer flinches and shifts, blood blooming along its white fur. When the knife is halfway in, Kratos lets go, and Atreus sinks it up to the handle.

Kratos looks to the horizon as soon as his son looks back up at him. The deer stills.


Atreus reaches toward Kratos, but instead folds his arms and turns away. Kratos looks at his back for a moment, then makes to place one hand on his shoulder. He hesitates, then instead pulls out the knife, handing it back to Atreus.

An enormous hand reaches over the ledge. Atreus swipes wildly at it with his knife, and is knocked aside.

KRATOS: Atreus!

A towering troll grabs at the deer, while Kratos scampers up its arm and kicks it in the head. The troll stumbles backward into the clearing, collides with a stone column, and tosses the deer aside.

DAUTHI: [speaks]

ATREUS: We’re gonna fight that?


A black square with white writing appears in the centre of the screen, titled “Atreus Arrows”. Below a photo of Atreus firing an arrow is the caption: Press square to command Atreus to shoot arrows. Hold L2 then press square to target a specific enemy. Enemies will be distracted from attacking Kratos when they are hit by an arrow. The following screen shows a close-up of Atreus aiming, with the caption: The number of arrows Atreus can shoot is indicated in the lower right corner. Once shot, arrows take time to recharge.

The troll picks up a thick wooden beam as tall as he is, and stands ready.

KRATOS: We have no choice!

The troll’s four great tusks shake with rage when he roars, as his mottled black skin ripples with each step. Orange runes glow conspicuously on his right shoulder and left thigh.

ATREUS: Okay, Just tell me when to shoot. Watch out, father!

Mission text appears: The Journey: The Marked Trees. Defeat Dauthi Kaupmathr

A two-sectioned yellow health bar appears at the bottom of the screen titled Dauthi Kaupmathr. Dauthi alternates smashing his great stone totem onto the ground, and swinging it forward like a battering ram using ropes wrapped around it. Ancient stone columns throughout the clearing topple when hit, and snow flies into the air when Dauthi smashes the ground. The totem glows orange with every hit, and he hefts it back onto his shoulder between attacks.

Text alerts appear throughout the fight, reading as follows: Double tap X while moving to roll. Use left stick and press L3 to sprint. Press R3 near stunned enemies to perform a Stun Grab.

When Dauthi’s health is depleted, he falls to one knee and an R3 button prompt appears over his back. Upon pressing it, Kratos clambers onto the troll’s head, punches him twice, then drags his head to the ground by the tusks. He wrestles with it for a moment, then snaps his neck. Atreus runs up and begins slashing at the limp arm with his knife.

ATREUS: That’s what you get!


ATREUS: Think I’m afraid of you?!

Deep red gashes form in the troll’s flesh.

ATREUS: You’re nothing to me! Nothing!

KRATOS: Boy, look at me. Look at me, boy! Boy. Look at me.

Kratos grabs Atreus firmly by the shoulders.

ATREUS: We did it.

Atreus looks unsteady on his feet, and his face is spattered with blood.

KRATOS: You are not ready.

Kratos releases his son, and reaches for the bow.


Atreus stumbles weakly.

ATREUS: Are you serious? I found the deer. I proved myself.

He pulls an arrow from the troll’s body.

ATREUS: How am I not ready?

KRATOS: We are going home.

Kratos shoves the bow forcefully back into Atreus’s hands, then stands and walks away.

ATREUS: I haven’t been sick in a long time. I can do this.

KRATOS: You are NOT ready.

Atreus stares incredulously.

The body of Dauthi Kaupmathr dissolves like embers, leaving behind hacksilver and two healthstones.

ATREUS: I AM ready.

KRATOS: Do not speak again.

Mission text appears: The Journey: The Marked Trees. Return home.

New Kill labor: Trolls toll.

Bestiary updated: New entry added.

Hold up on the D-pad to show Journal.

Bestiary Entry: Dauthi Kaupmathr

In the menu screen, an image of an open journal with worn white pages has the following entry on the left page: Dauthi Kaupmathr. I think the troll we just fought was Dauthi Kaupmathr. Mother used to always tell me stories about him to try and scare me if I wandered off too far. I think she’d be proud of me, but father thinks because I got a little angry that I’m “not ready”. Whatever. I just helped him kill a troll. I know I’m ready! Mother told me a lot of stories about trolls. This one’s name translates to Death Merchant. With a name like that, I think it’s safe to assume he was pretty evil. I’m glad we killed him.

The right page of the journal has an accurate sketch of Dauthi, showcasing his totem, tusked head, bare feet and chest, and tattered loincloth strewn with baubles on strings.

All about the clearing, small fires slowly burn themselves out amidst the obvious destruction of smashed rocks, disturbed snow, and splintered trees.

ATREUS: The path home is this way. Duh.

The Stranger (Video Version Available)

Kratos follows Atreus through the backyard towards their home, the bright daylight reflecting off a layer of snow as it melts into muddy puddles beneath thin trees. Patches of dry, yellow grass sprout through the snow along the edges.

ATREUS: But why would a fire troll burn mother’s garden? And since when are Draugr so close to the house? And what was that frozen thing that attacked us?

KRATOS: I do not know. Now be silent. We are almost home.

They pass beneath a sheltered area beside the house, where firewood is stacked neatly against the exterior wall, and arrive at the front door. The funeral pyre has dwindled to a pile of embers and grey ashes. Kratos pushes open the front door.

KRATOS: Inside, boy.

Atreus trudges in slowly under his father’s stern gaze. Kratos watches him go, then turns his attention to the remains of the pyre, and his expression immediately softens. He walks towards it and withdraws a small bag made of thick yellow fabric from his hip; a pattern of twisting golden dragons borders the bottom.

Kratos then kneels, and begins scooping ashes into the bag. The glowing embers warm his skin and reflect from his eyes. He cinches the bag closed, then cups it gently and holds it before his face, looking as though he is about to speak.

Instead, he places the bag back on his hip, and his eyes harden while he rises to his feet. Kratos enters the house and shuts the door behind him, plunging the single room into relative darkness. Candles light the interior near the door, but Atreus sits below a skylight at the opposite end, his legs dangling off one of the two beds.

ATREUS: It’s not fair.

Kratos crosses the room, passing a fire pit which has dwindled to embers.

ATREUS: He doesn’t know anything.

When Kratos stands before his son, a circle prompt hovers over Atreus’s head.

ATREUS: Why did I expect it to be any different now that she’s...?

Atreus hangs his head and wipes his eyes.

KRATOS: You lost control

ATREUS: That thing was trying to kill us. It’s not like you don’t get angry in a fight.

KRATOS: Anger can be a weapon... If you control it. Use it. You clearly cannot. When you lose...

ATREUS: I haven’t been sick in a long time. I’m better now.

Atreus looks up petulantly.


Kratos kneels before Atreus, and holds up both his hands, palms facing his son.

KRATOS: Come on then

ATREUS: You want me to hit you?

KRATOS: I want you to try. Atreus makes a half-hearted attempt, earning a quick slap on his wrist.

ATREUS: Ow... what are you...?

KRATOS: Try again.

Atreus takes another swing, then hops to his feet.

ATREUS: Why are you doing that?

KRATOS: Too slow. Try again.

ATREUS: Cut it out!

KRATOS: Weak. Again.

KRATOS: Again.

ATREUS: Stop it!

KRATOS: Again!

Atreus overcommits, and is thrown roughly to the ground. Kratos circles him, then yanks him to his feet by the upper arm. He kneels, putting them at eye level as they glare at one another.

KRATOS: Your anger... you can get lost in it. The path ahead is difficult...

Atreus attempts to pull away, but is held fast.

KRATOS: And you Atreus, are clearly not ready.

They both look up towards the skylight.

ATREUS: What was that?

KRATOS: Quiet.

Dust is shaken from the ceiling, and Kratos stands.

THE STRANGER: Come on out. It’s no use hiding any more. I know who you are...

ATREUS: What’s going on? Do you know him?

THE STRANGER: More importantly, I know what you are!

KRATOS: Boy. Beneath the floor. Now.

ATREUS: But you told me never to go down there... Who is that?

KRATOS: I do not know.

ATREUS: What’s he talking about?

KRATOS: I do not know... Get in.

Kratos throws back a fur on the floor, opens a trapdoor, and closes Atreus in it.

THE STRANGER: Just tell me what I want to know! No need for this to get bloody.

Kratos steels himself, then goes to the door and pulls it open. Outside stands a thinner, shorter man with blue tattoos all over his bare chest and arms. His blond hair and beard are beaded and scraggly.

THE STRANGER: Huh... I thought you’d be bigger.

He looks Kratos over.

THE STRANGER: But you’re definitely the one.

They stare each other down.

THE STRANGER: Long way from home, aren’t you?

KRATOS: What do you want?

THE STRANGER: Oh, you already know the answer to that.

KRATOS: Whatever it is you seek I do not have it.

Kratos turns his back.

KRATOS: You should move on.

THE STRANGER: Hahaha. And here I thought your kind was supposed to be so enlightened, so much better than us, so much smarter. And yet you hide out here in the woods - like a coward.

Kratos glowers over The Stranger.

KRATOS: You do not want this fight.


He strokes his beard.

THE STRANGER: I’m pretty sure I do.

He backhands Kratos across the cheek, who snarls as he returns to staring him down.

KRATOS: Leave... My... Home.

THE STRANGER: You are going to have to kill me for that to happen.

The Stranger punches Kratos in the face, stomach, and jaw. His fist is then caught in Kratos’s much larger hand, and wrenched backwards.

KRATOS: I warned you.


Kratos punches the Stranger in the face, sending him rolling away, then looks back at the house over his shoulder.

KRATOS: You would not listen

THE STRANGER: No no no no no... no no no... no no...

Kratos yanks the man to his feet, and clenches his other hand in a fist.

THE STRANGER: Fine... My turn.

He uppercuts Kratos, and sends him flying in an arc over the house. He crashes through the eaves and lands in the backyard. When Kratos skids to a stop, he looks back just in time to see the Stranger leap up from the roof, and rolls to one side. The Stranger lands with a downward strike, and his knee cracks the ground where Kratos was.

THE STRANGER: How incredibly disappointing. Come on, then.

A five-sectioned yellow health bar appears as Kratos enters combat.

THE STRANGER: Pointless.

The Stranger holds his arms out in a beckoning motion before attacking. His swaggering posture and slow pace reek of arrogance.

THE STRANGER: You bore me.

His tattoos glow an icy blue when he attacks, darting swiftly to one side and then dashing in with a powerful punch. His steps kick up clouds of snow from the ground.

THE STRANGER: Are you even trying?

He raises his arms and slams the ground with his fists, sending a wave of ice stabbing upward in a line towards Kratos.

THE STRANGER: Come on already.

The knockback from both men’s attacks often send the other flying back through tall trees or low boulders, which splinter and shatter upon impact, filling the backyard with debris.

The Stranger charges in, and catches Kratos with several hard blows to the abdomen, sending him airborne. He then grabs Kratos’s feet in mid-air, throws him towards the roof of the house, and lands on top of him. The Stranger begins strangling Kratos.

THE STRANGER: Tell me what I want... Pain stops. Real simple.

He punches Kratos in the head, misses, and smashes a hole in the roof. They both look down through it.

THE STRANGER: Why are there two beds in there?

Kratos reverses their position with a hand to the Stranger’s face. The Stranger attempts to regain control, but is thrown forcefully on his back while Kratos sits astride his waist. Prompt appears: R1 to attack. L1 to counter. Kratos furiously rains down blows, as blood spatters them both.

KRATOS: Leave! My! Home!

A final two-handed strike breaks through the exterior roof, sending both to the ground. The Stranger is behind Kratos in the blink of an eye, wrapping his arms about his waist and suplexing him. While Kratos reels from the attack, The Stranger kicks him clear across the yard.

THE STRANGER: Struck a nerve, did I?

The camera crosses to Kratos, who leans heavily against a felled tree. Prompt appears: press R1 to attack. Kratos hefts the tree trunk around to hit the Stranger, sending him flying. Kratos charges, catches the stranger with his shoulder, and bowls him through wood and rock.

THE STRANGER: Who are you hiding?

Kratos slams the Stranger back against a rock wall, but is knocked to the ground with a downward blow.

THE STRANGER: Slow and old... You should never have come to Midgard.

The Stranger stands triumphantly as all his visible wounds heal, and his health bar refills.

THE STRANGER: So... Care to try again?

KRATOS: You talk too much.

Kratos lands two powerful blows before being countered by his swifter opponent. The Stranger then sends Kratos crashing deep into pure rock, where he tangles among boulders and roots with a claustrophobic camera angle.

THE STRANGER: You won’t talk? Fine. Maybe whoever it is you’ve got stashed in that house will.

Prompt appears: Spartan Rage available. L3 + R3. Kratos bares his teeth and bursts forth from the rock, then punches The Stranger towards a thick tree. His next hit continues through The Stranger’s face, splintering the tree and sending him sprawling. Kratos breaks the tree off its trunk, then charges The Stranger while holding it like a battering ram.

THE STRANGER: Who is it? Who are you afraid I’ll find? Let’s find out.

Kratos plows The Stranger through the cracked rock face, bursting into a clearing on the opposite side, and pins him against a tall boulder.

THE STRANGER: Pointless! The Stranger reaches down and rips the tree apart to free himself. Kratos, still in Spartan Rage, easily takes the upper hand during combat. The Rage meter does not deplete until The Stranger is below three bars of health.

THE STRANGER: You still bore me! What are you hiding?

THE STRANGER: You... are a fool.

Normal combat resumes, with The Stranger chaining together more punishing melee attacks.

THE STRANGER: I don’t have time for this

Once his health is depleted, The Stranger charges Kratos.

THE STRANGER: You’re a vicious one, aren’t you?

Kratos grapples, counters, and throws the Stranger toward a tall boulder. While he’s being swung around, a slow-motion close-up shows The Stranger’s smiling face.

Kratos begins beating The Stranger bloody by repeatedly bashing his head against the boulder. A crack runs along its surface. Kratos looks up at it, then punches two chunks from its side while his opponent struggles to rise. He then grips and hefts it sideways, so that the boulder cracks free and tips over. It lands directly on The Stranger, and sends a deep crack running through the ground towards the house. Trees shiver, and loose rocks tumble down it.

Kratos slowly trudges back toward his house. Dark blood has spattered his skin, and his posture is slumped with exhaustion. He grits his teeth in a grimace.

THE STRANGER: Leaving so soon?

Kratos stumbles, then looks back to see the enormous boulder being lobbed towards him. He brings up the Guardian shield just in time to smash it in half, rock crumbling about him. The Stranger attempts a follow-up downward strike through the rubble. Kratos catches one fist, then the other, and holds on.

Both brace their feet on opposite sides of the crack in the ground.

THE STRANGER: When Odin sent me here, I just needed answers. But you... you had to act all proud... Throw whatever you have at me, I’ll keep coming. That old body will give out, but before I end this, I want you to know one thing: I can’t feel any of this.

The Stranger yanks one arm free and punches Kratos in the face, then sends him skyward with a uppercut to the stomach. He leaps up after him, and the two grapple and strike one another. They reach the apex of the throw amidst low clouds, and The Stranger leaps off Kratos to send him plummeting toward the ground. He manages to pull out the Leviathan Axe just as he’s falling into the widening crack, and carves a long line in the rock face with it as he stops his fall.

THE STRANGER: You’ve seen it with your own eyes. You can’t hurt me, nothing can. This fight is pointless. Your struggle is pointless. It didn’t have to be this way.

Kratos begins climbing it back up.

Kratos reaches the top. The Stranger stomps the ground at the crack’s edge,


and Kratos is shoved to the opposite edge on a breakaway chunk of rock.

THE STRANGER: You can’t win. I feel... nothing, but you... you feel everything. Yet you... you keep trying. I’m not my brother. And if you’d given me what I wanted, it wouldn’t have ended this way. But no...

He dashes across the gap, and Kratos dodges his strike.

THE STRANGER: Let’s finish this.

All of Kratos’s wounds vanish, as do the visible blood spatters on his skin and leather armour. Both men’s health bars are fully replenished.

THE STRANGER: You can’t beat me.


In addition to previous attacks, The Stranger will occasionally leap high into the air, and land with a devastating blast, snow and dust clouding about him.

THE STRANGER: I feel nothing!

His melee combos have become more frequent, and he is now able to parry and counter Kratos’s attacks.


Kratos’ body and clothing gradually become covered in a mix of dark blood and white frost during the fight.

THE STRANGER: Worthless! Pitiful... I will end you!

THE STRANGER: You can’t beat me.

Once The Stranger’s health is depleted, Kratos choke slams him to the ground, then swings and throws him by one leg. A similar slow-motion close-up of the Stranger’s face shows him grimacing in frustration.

He nearly slides over the edge of the crack, before pulling himself upright and throwing weak blows at Kratos. Kratos shoves him on his back, then takes hold of his neck to wrestle into a rear chokehold. The Stranger writhes and flails his arms while Kratos immobilizes his legs and wraps both arms around his head and neck. Both are covered in blood.

The Stranger manages to break Kratos’s hold, but only briefly.

THE STRANGER: I’d hoped that you, of everyone I’d faced, would finally make me feel something. But you can’t.

Player prompt appears: L3+R3. Kratos grasps the Strangers forehead and chin then snaps his neck.

His body goes instantly limp, mouth agape, and Kratos stares down at him for a moment before rolling him off. The Stranger tumbles down into the crack, disappearing into darkness. Kratos lies in the blood-spattered snow, chest heaving.

He rolls onto his side, and some, but not all, of his wounds vanish. He slowly rises to one knee, then stumbles to his feet. Kratos begins walking along the edge of the massive rift in the earth, towards the house.

KRATOS: Who was he? He knew me. Did he know my past? How did they find me, after all this time?

He summons the Axe, and drags it on the ground behind him.

KRATOS: Faye? What do I do? Our son is not ready to carry your ashes to the top of the mountain.

He falls to his hands and knees, then braces the Axe against the ground and holds it there. Kratos’s health bar is briefly visible in the lower-left corner as it fills halfway. More of the blood on his skin disappears. He looks toward the house with a dark scowl, then pushes himself to his feet and continues walking. He hooks the Axe upon his back.

KRATOS: And neither am I. I do not know how to do this without you.

He reaches the front door, then leans heavily against it.

KRATOS: But we cannot stay here.

A circle prompt appears over the door. Kratos pushes it open and enters, his steps livelier and his posture almost fully upright. He throws back the fur and opens the trapdoor. Below, Atreus scrambles into a seated position.


Atreus looks up incredulously.

ATREUS: There was so much... I... I thought... You’re alright.

Kratos waves his hand.

KRATOS: I am alright. Come.

He lifts Atreus out by one arm, and sets him on the floor.

KRATOS: Gather your things. We are leaving.

The camera follows the trapdoor as Kratos closes it, lingering on a red bundle below the floor.

ATREUS: Thought I wasn’t ready.

KRATOS: You are not. But we have no choice now.

Atreus stands silhouetted in the doorway with his bow and quiver. Kratos replaces the fur.

KRATOS: Prove me wrong.

ATREUS: Yes, sir.

They share a meaningful look, then Kratos stands and follows Atreus outside.

Mission text appears: Complete – The Marked Trees.

Trophy earned: The Journey Begins.

ATREUS: The mountain... It’s gonna be a long trip.

KRATOS: Yes. But an important one

ATREUS: Whoa... How did this happen?

Mission text appears: The Journey: Path to the Mountain. Journey to the Mountain.

Bestiary updated. New Entry added.

Bestiary entry: Stranger

The weathered journal page for “Stranger” appears below the category titled “??????” (question marks) and reads as follows:

A strange man covered in tattoos came to the house and attacked Father. It must’ve been some fight... everything’s broken! Father said I wasn’t ready earlier, but something about killing this stranger changed his mind, I guess. Who was he? What did he want with us? We’re nobodies.

The page on the right side includes a line drawing of the Stranger, depicting rough outlines of his largest tattoos and a proportionally accurate scale.

The Stranger (continued)

Kratos follows Atreus toward the wide chasm in the earth, which stretches into their front yard. Atreus walks to its edge and peers over it. A path leading into its depths is now available. Kratos hops down into it.

ATREUS: Who was he?

KRATOS: I do not know.

ATREUS: What did he want with us? We’re nobodies. Did you kill him?

KRATOS: I did what had to be done.

Kratos arrives at a narrow ledge along the right-hand wall of the chasm, where a prompt reads “press circle to walk across the ledge.” Kratos flattens himself face first towards the wall with his hands splayed against it, and Atreus leaps onto his back. The boy is dwarfed by his father while clinging to him, and Kratos carefully shimmies across the ledge. When they arrive at a landing, an uprooted tree slides further down the chasm, bringing rocks tumbling with it.

ATREUS: You could have died. Never leave me alone again. Alright?

KRATOS: Alright.

Kratos leaps a gap toward the opposite wall of the chasm, and arrives at the same crevice that was carved by the Leviathan Axe while he fell. Yellow runes mark a climbable surface.


Atreus climbs onto his back once more.

ATREUS: You’ve had to kill people before, haven’t you? You’re used to it.

KRATOS: We do what we must to survive.

ATREUS: Animals, I get. They’re food. Draugr, they’re supposed to be dead. But, people... They’re trying to survive, too.

KRATOS: Close your heart to it. On our journey, we will be attacked by all manner of creature. Close your heart to their desperation. Close your heart to their suffering. Do not allow yourself to feel for them. They will not feel for you.

ATREUS: I understand.

They arrive at a newly formed waterfall where the earth was split open, and a prompt reads: Aim the camera with the right stick, then hold left stick and press circle to jump. Kratos leaps across the gap, then pulls himself up onto a flat ledge which leads into a dark cavern.

Meeting Brok (Video Available)

Kratos and Atreus begin crossing a rotting, mossy, wooden bridge, but it is blocked by a bird-like beast laden with armour and furniture. A short, bald, blue-skinned man in gold armour stands beside it, and strikes its cheek. [Brok grunting] He turns when he notices the pair approaching.

BROK: Can’t get this sloe-eyed cocklump to cross the bridge. Hrmph.

ATREUS: It's because she’s scared of something in the trees over there.

BROK: There’s what now?

Atreus walks back towards his father, then points.

ATREUS: Father. Throw your axe at those trees on the other side of the bridge. The ones with the white trunks.

Mission text appears. The Journey: Path to the Mountain. Throw your axe at the trees. The player aims and throws [sound effects] and the trees can be seen shaking as leaves fall. Kratos recalls the axe, and the pack animal shuffles to her feet.

KRATOS: You were right.

BROK: Say... You must be smart or something boy. You are a boy aren’t ya?

The dwarf smacks his beast’s side.

ATREUS: She have a name?

BROK: I dunno. Rude bastard ain’t ever ask mine so I ain’t ever ask hers.

He braces himself against her leg, and pushes.

ATREUS: What’s yours?

BROK: Brok.

Atreus pets the beast on her cheek.

ATREUS: Vera logn...

She tosses her head and begins walking with Atreus. Brok and Kratos follow.

BROK: Say... er... You’re not gonna believe me but... That axe you’ve got... It was me what made ‘er - me and my brother. Was one of our best. So don’t let nobody else go work on her ‘cept for us two.

Brok is swatted by the beast’s tail.

BROK: You gotta handle ‘er special, or she’ll wreck beyond fixin’. I can enhance her for you right now if it so pleases ya son of a bitch.

They reach the opposite side of the bridge, and Kratos turns away.

BROK: So what say ya?

KRATOS: You are right. I do not believe you. Come boy.

BROK: There’s a rune in the shape of a fork under the grip.

Kratos takes out the Leviathan Axe, and he and Atreus examine the rune stamped on its pommel.

BROK: Aw... digr bikkja! Dumbr bak-rauf!

BROK: That was our brand, my brother and me, before we split. I got half of it right here, see?

Brok approaches holding a metal brand, and looks sternly up at Kratos.

BROK: Look, you want I should upgrade her or not?

KRATOS: Very well. I expect an improvement.

He offers the Axe to Brok, who gives a bemused smirk before turning away and walking over to a short table beneath a hastily erected tent. Kratos and Atreus follow.

ATREUS: So where’s the other half of the brand?

BROK: Oh my dumb brother’s got it. But I got all the talent. Look.

Brok places his palms on the table and leans on them.

BROK: Sure I’m open.

A full-screen menu opens, and a window in the center titled “Upgrade Weapon” prompts the player to navigate through it with text instructions.

Welcome to a Dwarven Shop. From here, you can upgrade equipment you already own, or craft entirely new equipment. Press right on the D-pad to go to the Upgrade menu. Brok has given you a Frozen Flame – A rare resource! Resources found in the world can be used to craft and upgrade your equipment. Press X to select the Leviathan Axe. Kratos’s equipment has Power Levels and Stats. Upgrading the axe levels it up, and increases STRENGTH, which contributes to Kratos’s overall Power Level and Stats. Kratos’s Power Level and Stats are displayed here. Press L3 to show Stat Descriptions. Runic Attack damage can be increased by increasing RUNIC. Runic Attack cooldowns can be reduced by increasing COOLDOWN. Each Stat has different gameplay benefits. Press L3 again to hide the descriptions. When upgrading an item, the Power Level and Stats gained will be displayed on the item card, and also reflected on Kratos’s Stat table. Upgrading a weapon permanently increases these Stats. Other items must be equipped to influence Kratos’s Stats. Resources required to upgrade an item are displayed at the bottom of the item card. Hold Square to upgrade the Leviathan Axe.

Upgrade Successful. New Skills are now available in the Skills tab. The Axe is now at Level 2. Find another Frozen Flame to upgrade it further. Upgrading your weapons unlocks new Skills for purchase. Visit the Skills tab in the Pause Menu to purchase them. Press Circle. Press Left on the D-pad to go to the Craft menu where you can choose to craft new equipment.

Two sets of chest armor are available for crafting: The Reaver Tunic, and the Boar Hide Shoulder Guard. The player exits the menu.

BROK: Well don’t look now but our friends who were hidin’ in the trees are back for more. Go on. Give that axe a twirl!

ATREUS: You got room for me behind there?

BROK: So long as you don’t break nothin’.

Kratos turns around to see a heavy Draugr wielding a two-handed axe. Atreus and Brok hunker down behind the small wooden table, and Kratos loses access to Atreus’s arrows during the fight. Three more Draugr appear and begin throwing fireballs at Kratos from a distance. Kratos finally brings down the heavy Draugr.

BROK: See? See what my touch brung?

KRATOS: Adequate.

BROK: “Adequate,” he says! You know what’s adequate? That footwork. You step in shit?

As Kratos hunts down the last of the Draugr, a portcullis with a chain can be seen blocking the way further up the road. It is set in high stone walls carved with runes and patterns, which are crumbling and covered in moss.

BROK: Say. Your pa can kill. You gonna learn to do that too?

ATREUS: I’m not sure.

KRATOS: This road. It leads to the mountain?

BROK: Should put you in the right direction, sure. Wanna see my wares again?

Mission text appears. The Journey: The Mountain. Proceed through the gate to the mountain.


ATREUS: It was nice meeting you Brok. I’ll be thinking of a name for your beast.

BROK: How about I name her “Fuckin’ Grattitude”? Hey Fuckin’ Grattitude, come over here. I like it.

Meeting Sindri (video version available)

Kratos pushes apart massive stone doors to the foothills at the base of the mountain. Stony outcroppings overgrown with moss climb into the distance, obscured by fog. Immediately before them is a flat stone clearing, where a small tent stands to the left.

ATREUS: Whoa... Sure is foggy here.

A thin figure in gold armor and red leather gloves can be seen working at a table to their right.

ATREUS: Another dwarf... Should we...

KRATOS: No. He is of no consequence.

SINDRI: Er... huh... Scuse me but um, huh, how did you come by that, er, axe?

KRATOS: That is my concern alone.

SINDRI: and er, while I won’t dispute that... I... I know that blade. It was one of ours but, uh... hahaha... We didn’t make it for you.

He blocks Kratos’s path.

KRATOS: Step aside.

SINDRI: I... can’t. See the woman we made it for, I was uh... well I am... quite fond of her and I would be... somewhat... displeased if it turns out that... You did something to her.

He raises his fists, then immediately flinches.

ATREUS: *sighs* It was my mother’s. She left it to father before she died.

The dwarf’s posture wilts, and his face falls as he turns away.

SINDRI: Faye’s dead? I’m very very sorry to hear that. She was a fierce warrior... and a good woman.

He blinks hard, then places his hands on his hips, steeling himself.

SINDRI: Okay. I will make improvements to the axe.

ATREUS: But... Nobody asked you to.

SINDRI: Well... its, it’s true but... but knowing your mother, she would’ve insisted I repair that act of vandalism perpetrated against her axe by my... brother.

ATREUS: Tah... I knew it. You are Brok’s brother. The other half of the brand’s here.

Kratos glowers over him.

KRATOS: The blue one is your brother...?

SINDRI: Yes. Though my talents are vastly superior. No boast.

KRATOS: *exhale*

SINDRI: I swear to Freya.

Kratos unhooks and offers the Axe. [gasp] The dwarf jumps.

KRATOS: Do not undo his work. Improve upon it only.

The dwarf gestures to one side.

SINDRI: yeeuh... but, can you, can you put it down, over there... that handle is...


SINDRI: Filthy.

He reaches for it gingerly.

SINDRI: Ok then... I’ll just... I will just.

He clamps the handle between his palms, and holds it away from his body with a look of disgust.

SINDRI: ugh...ohh...

He walks it toward his shop.

KRATOS: *exhale*

SINDRI: Ugh... ohh... is that dried blood?... uhh...

ATREUS: So what were you working on?

SINDRI: Oh... That. I call it the “Sky Mover”. Just up that mountain waits a treasure trove of rare resources. Once I mine it, I’ll need a way to bring it all down.

ATREUS: And you know how to fix it?

SINDRI: Not even a little.

He lays the Axe on a table and rubs the blade with a stone until it glows blue. Kratos snatches it up, causing the dwarf to throw up his hands entreatingly.

The Journey. Path to the Mountain. Continue towards the Mountian.

ATREUS: Did you really make that axe for my mother?

SINDRI: Oh I’d recognise it anywhere. Ask me? Was one of our best. Infused with the echoing screams of twenty frost trolls... give or take.

ATREUS: But why her? How did you know her?

SINDRI: She sought us out, in the beginning. She was... a special woman. She wanted to protect people. I suppose we thought it was a chance to give power to someone who’d use it for good. She even spoke our native tongue. She’d say: “Mathurinn sem gengur, eigin vegum hans...”

ATREUS: “...gengur einn.” (No translation given)

SINDRI: That’s right. That’s impressive. I see a lot of her in your eyes... you know?

ATREUS: Thanks Sindr...

SINDRI: Don’t... touch me.

ATREUS: What... I didn’t... I won’t. I’ll come back later.

The player is offered an option to peruse the Dwarven shop in an identical format.

SINDRI: Let’s get started then.

A title at the top reads “Sindri’s Shop”, and a series of text prompts appear:

Resurrection Stones are now available in Shops. Resurrection Stones can be purchased so Atreus can revive Kratos from death. Press right on the D-pad to enter the Buy section of the Shop.

Press X to view available Resurrection Stones.

There are different types of Resurrection Stones, but Atreus can only carry one at a time. To purchase a different type of Resurrection Stone, you must first remove your equipped one. Use it in combat, or sell it at a Shop.

Upon purchasing the stone, a description reads: Simple Resurrection Stone. Common. A magical stone that revives Kratos from death with a small amount of Health. Press Square when Kratos dies to allow Atreus to resurrect him and rejoin the fight. Only one Resurrection Stone can be carried at a time. A purchased Resurrection Stone will be displayed in the lower right corner of the screen.

SINDRI: Yes, dear boy.

The player exits the shop menu.

SINDRI: Don’t forget... to wash your hands.

A triangle prompt for additional dialogue appears.

SINDRI: Be careful where you’re going. There’s nobody nice... out here anymore since the people left. I mean I hate to generalise, but um... Mostly they just try to kill you.

ATREUS: Good tip.

The player opens, then immediately closes the shop menu.

SINDRI: Yes yes, come in.

SINDRI: Well don’t buy anything on my account.

Kratos jogs about the flat stone clearing, which has huge circular patterns carved into it. Two statues of trolls flank the path to a grassy area with trees just beyond. Sindri alternates working in his forge, and standing behind a low table at the entrance to his makeshift tent. Another triangle prompt appears.

SINDRI: Um... I know it’s not my business but if I were you, I’d wash off that symbol painted on your neck.

KRATOS: We were told it would help protect us. Was that a lie?

SINDRI: Oh... No, it’s a protection stave alright but, you can’t render that pigment into paintable texture without blending it with boar urine... and is that really better than death?

ATREUS: Maybe a little...

SINDRI: Weh... Well it’s your neck. Mleeeeagh.

Meeting The World Serpent (Video Available)

Kratos paddles the boat through a narrow passageway between towering black rocks, between which views of the distant mountain and sky are briefly visible.

ATREUS: There’s the mountain! Look how close we are...

KRATOS: We flow into sea water.

ATREUS: How do you know?

KRATOS: Do you not smell it?

ATREUS: If that smell is the sea, the sea stinks.

They pass beneath a cave, and emerge into an expansive, placid lake heavily obscured by fog. Just outside the cave lies an ornate, headless statue of a man holding a hammer aloft. It is partially submerged in the dark water.

Area discovered: Lake of Nine.

ATREUS: Look at that... It’s Thor.

KRATOS: Thor... God of thunder.

ATREUS: That’s right! I never thought you listened when mother spoke of the Gods.

KRATOS: I seldom did. Did she speak of one who could feel no pain?

ATREUS: Oh- That sounds like Baldur.

KRATOS: Baldur...

ATREUS: An Aesir God. Son of Odin and Frigg.

KRATOS: And Odin is King.

ATREUS: That’s right. Why do you ask?

They paddle further, and from the mist emerges the head and shoulders of an ancient metal statue of an armoured man. The hollow space in its helm is lit by torches, and the compass indicator hovers over yellow writing painted just above the waterline.

ATREUS: I see runes there, on his chest. Can’t quite make it out.

A square prompt pulls the boat perpendicular to the runes. Atreus stands and turns toward the statue, which is strewn with seaweed and gulls.

ATREUS: It reads, “Sacrifice your arms to the centre of the water; awaken again the cradle of the world.”

He shrugs, then sits.

ATREUS: What- Throw our weapons into the water? Guess that won’t be a problem for you.

Kratos stares stoically.

ATREUS: Are you gonna do it?

Kratos stows the oar and stands, then unhooks the Leviathan Axe. Frost blooms along its blade before he hurls it into the distance. He holds his right hand aloft, then glances at it.

KRATOS: The Axe did not return...

Waves ripple along the water’s surface, and a massive rounded shape can be seen sliding over the distant hills before a wave sends the boat careening backwards.

KRATOS: Hang on, boy!


Both cling to the boat as it’s tossed madly about. When the water stills, they find themselves before a dark wall emerging from the water, massive enough to block all light. Kratos and Atreus stand.

KRATOS: What is this?

The part of the wall closest to them splits open to reveal a glowing orange, double-lidded eye. The slit pupil focuses on the boat.

ATREUS: It’s the World Serpent...

The enormous serpent’s head pulls back and towers above them, revealing blue-green scales and seaweed dangling from its chin. It releases a clouded breath, revealing two rows of shark-like teeth, and the Axe flies from its mouth and embeds itself in the boat. As Kratos picks it up, a text prompt reads “Eitr imbued”.

KRATOS: Stay calm, boy!

ATREUS: I am! This is great!


KRATOS: It speaks?

ATREUS: Yeah! Mom said he’s friendly!

KRATOS: What is it saying?

ATREUS: I don’t know!


The serpent pulls away, and settles its head on a distant hill.

ATREUS: That... That was amazing.

Kratos and Atreus hesitantly sit back down in the boat.

ATREUS: Wait! There’s a shipwreck way over there. See that? And there’s the statue of Thor. Except, I can see a lot more of him now.

KRATOS: The water dropped – when the Serpent rose.

ATREUS: Ohh, that must be why that beach wasn’t there before. See?

The mist over the lake has dissipated.

ATREUS: And there’s the mountain! Lookit - that building leads from the foot of the mountain to that golden temple.

KRATOS: It was all just under the surface.

ATREUS: Except for the statue. Good thing, huh? There’s even a dock – there, next to the flag.

Mission text appears.

The Journey: The Mountain. Dock at the bridge.

ATREUS: We’re going to the dock first, right? We’ll be the first people to walk on it in who knows how long!

KRATOS: You know of that serpent?

ATREUS: He’s one of the giants – and he’s so big he’s wrapped around the whole world and bites his own tail.

KRATOS: An exaggeration.

ATREUS: I dunno, looked pretty big to me.

Bestiary updated; new entry added.

Bestiary Entry

"We just woke up the World Serpent of Midgard! Father thought he was going to try and eat us, but Mother always said Jormungandr was a friendly Giant. He tried speaking to us, but I couldn’t understand him. I wonder if that’s the language all the giants speak? He doesn’t seem very interested in us right now. I wish I could talk to him… I have so many questions! Where did he come from? What does he do all day? What does he eat? Maybe we can find another way to talk to him…"

The Summit (Video Available)

The Sickness (video version available)

Brok And Sindri Reunited (Video Available)

Kratos and Atreus exit the realm travel room into Brok’s shop, in the antechamber. Kratos opens and holds up Atreus’s journal: a small leatherbound book with a yellow handprint on its cover.

Kratos: Can you make it?

Brok: Is it a weapon? Armour? Or likewise an instrument of war, of which I’m a master at shapin’? No? Then forget it. Even if I did want to make such an insignificant gewgaw, I’m liable to chink my tools working on something so... delicate and ladylike.

Sindri: Then shingle it.

Sindri appears.

Sindri: Pattern weld the item with skapslag, keep the layers thin, alternate the overlay.

Brok: OK smart guy, and where do you propose to find a lump of quality skapslag? Last time I saw one, I could still get rigid down south.

Sindri pulls a glowing blue rock from a pouch.

Brok: Shut your mouth. Is that...? Where did you...?

Brok accepts it.

Sindri: I had to get my hands dirty. (laughs, then gags)

Brok: (laughs) Well don’t just stand there, let’s do this.

Sindri: What, you? You’re fine with working on something that’s not a weapon?

Brok: Awh hell, why not!

Atreus and Sindri stare at Brok.

Brok: What? I can grow, too...

Brok leans over his workbench.

Sindri: Oh... Watch the spine, keep your wrist loose.

Brok: Oh YOU keep your wrist loose. I need more heat here!

Sindri: Coming up. You gonna temper that steel longer?

Brok: I don’t need to. I triple-quenched it with Draugr oil. See?

Sindri: How inventive. And sanitary.

They pause to face each other.

Sindri: You clever little beaver. Never too late to learn a new trick, is it?

Brok: *chuckles* No it’s not.

Atreus watches with a smile.

Sindri: Here it is.

Brok: Nope! Don’t forget this.

Brok picks up his brand. Sindri produces his, already glowing red, and hands it to Brok. Brok joins them together, and stamps the object they created: an ornate golden box with keys protruding from it. Sindri places it before Atreus, who smiles at the smoldering emblem.

Brok: Oh, quit yer grinning. It’s downright unsettlin’.

Atreus: It’s just nice to see you together. But... Now the rune on your brand looks different.

Brok: Yeah, price of uh... reforging something what broke.

Atreus: I knew it. You two love each other.

Brok: Ahh cut it out, princess. You’re gonna get me all weepy.

Sindri: I like the new one better. Don’t you?

Sindri addresses Kratos.

Kratos: We have work to do.

Kratos snatches the object and walks away. Atreus shrugs to the dwarves. Brok offers his hand to Sindri, who almost accepts, before thinking better of it and refusing.

Brok: neoooh...

Atreus rejoins Kratos. Mission text: The Journey, a Path to Jötunheim. Locate Tyr’s mysterious door.

Brok: My brother and me got a new project, now that we’re on speaking terms.

The dwarves begin working together in their shop. The player looks at a nearby set of wooden shelves, where completed sets of collectibles appear as objects.

Kratos: What do you want.

Sindri: With the wetstone and hammer you’ve retrieved for us, Brok and I can construct the Dvegræðikr; Dwarven armour of legend!

Brok: We just need 3 more mythical ingredients 'fore we set to hammerin’.

Atreus: Which are...?

Brok: Dunno. Armour’s pure legend, and the details is fuzzier than a wulver’s butthole.

Kratos: You expect us to find parts from a legend?

Brok: Ol’ Motsògnir, the Dwarf King found two of ‘em! Everyone knows that. But when he went looking for the third...

Sindri: Poof! He vanished. Maybe you’ll find some clues at his stronghold in Konùnsgard.

Brok: And looky here. A Konùnsgard entry stone. It’s got your name on it. How fuckin strange.

Dwarven Favor: Hail to the King. Go to the Konùnsgard stronghold.

Brok: The stronghold’s north west a’here, behind the Svartalfheim realm tower.

Sindri: Large stone structure, creepy atmosphere. You’ll know it when you see it.

Sindri: The Huldra brothers, back in action again! Oh, I can’t wait to get started.

Brok: Never think I’d see such a day when we was back to buildin’ as a duo. But it feels right, ‘specially for this. Been so used to buildin’ on my own all these years, almost forgot how dang useful an extra pair of hands is.

Sindri: I forgot how much easier it is to smelt Skapslag with someone else gauging the temperature!

Brok: This'll be our best work yet. Just need a little help from you lot.

Sindri: Something else we can do for ya?

Atreus: Just glad you guys worked it out.

Sindri: Ah... well... I could say the same to you.

Brok: Ha!

Atreus: I guess I was getting a bit full of myself.

Brok: Told him what he needed to hear, how’s it sounds to me.

Atreus: Just the same. I’m sorry for how I spoke to you, Sindri. You forgive me?

Sindri: Already have. Like you said, it all worked out. Now. Let us get back to work before I get sentimental.

A time skip.

Brok: You boys look right beaming.

Atreus: We found the materials. But they’re so weird. How do you build a piece of armour out of something so... so...

Brok: Nunya.

Atreus: Nunya?

Brok: None ‘ya fuckin’ business. Trade secret. We got our ways.

Atreus: Oh.

Fire of Ares: Heavy Runic Attack. A slam attack that sends out a fiery wave.

Trophy Earned: “Like Oil and Water”

Dwarven Favor Complete: Hail to the King

Atreus: Better not be fighting with your brother again.

Brok: Tsssh. Just 'cause he’s gotten a little less annoying over the years doesn’t mean I ain’t got a customer base of my own to keep happy.

Atreus: Oh yeah? Who’s that?

Brok: Well, you came back here, didn’t ya?

Atreus: Fair point.

Going Inside The World Serpent (Video Available)

Ending (Video Available)

Side Quests

Like almost every open-world style game, God Of War includes optional side quests and missions that you can undertake to gain additional rewards.

Some of the encounters featured in these side quests are detailed below

content will be added here at a later date.

The Valkyries

Valkyries, abbreviated to Valks for short, are optional bosses found throughout the world of God Of War. Sometimes they are encountered on their own and other times you are required to complete additional objectives before being able to take them on.

Though these are technically enemies, since they are not a standard enemy type that you'll encounter regularly, each Valk will have its own section below, with any details such as a description of the Valk, unlocking requirements (if any), the scenary surrounding or during the encounter, attack patterns if there's interest and footage of the fights themselves.


The below sections are work in progress, most with only their battle footage from on-stream victories. These will be updated over time, but please be aware this may take a while.

Gunnr Encounter Footage

A solitary figure is barely visible through mist as Kratos approaches an enclosed stone courtyard. As he nears the figure, the mist thins. Sunlight filters through a tree to form dappled shadows on the stone ground and metal grating. Tattered red banners hang limply beside the autumnal foliage of the tree and red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves drift downward to join scattered piles of leaves already on the ground. Across the courtyard, fallen stones block access to a staircase leading upwards.

The architecture seems standardized for this area, with stone carved in repeating patterns of vines, leaves, gold stripes, and diamond-shaped medallions covered in Norse-style carvings, embellished in blue. Gunnr hovers in the middle of the courtyard. Her wings are wrapped around her, blocking her from view. As Kratos approaches, the joints at the tops of her wings separate, revealing her head and crossed arms. When her wings open all the way, she drops to the ground, landing in a crouch with wings outstretched.

Gunnr is a Valkyrie: a winged, armored woman. Her wingspan is huge, at least six meters. At first glance, her wings appear dark with glowing gold tips. On closer inspection, they are made of dark metal decorated with intricate gold designs. Each layer of artificial feathers has its own filigreed design, and real black feathers peek out sporadically. Her wings are so large, they augment each of her movements, both when used for attacking and for mobility.

Most of Gunnr's body is covered in armor, but the small areas of exposed flesh are an unnatural gray, with lavender undertones. Her armor is leather and metal, all brown and black with gold detailing. A pair of wide belts cover her entire torso below the bust, both covered in gold designs and suspended by straps that loop over her shoulders. A thin, decorative loincloth hangs from the belts, and her thighs are covered by a skirt of overlapping leather panels. Gunnr also wears knee-high brown boots trimmed in gold, and thigh-high stockings.

Her horned helmet completely encloses her head and face, and has two black and gold tipped wings emerging from either side. The eye holes are covered with slitted sheets of metal, and a pair of fake eyes are painted below them. The nose, mouth, and chin are perfectly carved to look like an expressionless face.

Kara Kara Encounter Video

Kara's armour, like all but one of the Valkyries in God Of War, is inspired by a real-world creature, specifically a ram. Like several of the other Valkyries, she is in a courtyard with the typical stone and gold architecture. Hers is a misty area. The foliage above is green, as are the small piles of leaves on the ground. A handful of wild plants grow along the edges of the arena, and one side of it seems to have taken damage, as there is a hole and some rubble on the ground.

Much like her fellow Valkyries, Kara is hovering in the middle of the courtyard, hidden by her wings. The tops of the wings separate, the wings flare open, and she drops to the ground, landing in a crouch.

Her wings are a mix of ornately carved metal and natural feathers. The metallic feathers are bronze slashed through with black, tipped with orange. The natural feathers are a mix of earthy tans, browns, and black.

Her helmet has two pairs of large curving horns, like polycerate sheep breeds, on her forehead and temples. All are antique gold metal, carved to resemble the natural keratin texture of real horns. The eyes and nose are empty black holes resembling a skull, and the mouth and chin are made of metal shaped to look like her face. Bronze accents border her eyes, cheeks, and and chin.

An ornate piece of brown leather armor covers her waist. It is trimmed and gilded in elaborate, symmetrical designs. A pair of straps, decorated with antique gold medallions, loop over each shoulder like suspenders. Layered armor plates on her sides, skirt, and shoulders are made of the same leather, and edged in a bright orange matching her wings. Kara wears knee-high brown boots with gold details, dark thigh-high socks, and brown sleeves covering most of her arms.

Her dress, worn under the armor, is turquoise linen with white line borders and twisting designs. It is strapless, and cut extremely high over the hips so it hangs like a loincloth down to her knees.

Geirdriful Geirdriful Encounter Video

Geirdriful is based on an owl. Like several of the other Valkyries, she is in a courtyard with the typical stone and gold architecture. It is a misty area. The quality of the light and the mist wash out many of the colors so much of the area looks grey. The blood red leaves on the tree above and the ground are very striking against the muted colors of the background.

As Kratos approaches, she is hovering in the middle of the courtyard, hidden by her wings. The tops of the wings separate, then the wings flare open, and she drops to the ground, landing in a crouch.

Her wings are a mix of ornately carved metal and natural feathers. The metallic feathers are pale gold with white details. The tips of the wings sometimes glow red. The natural feathers are a blood red and contrast very nicely with the pale wings.

Geirdriful's helmet is mostly silver. A pair of horns curve back and up from the top of the helmet. Wings at the temples are positioned so they curve forward like a bird mid-flap. The helmet itself is reminiscent of a skull with dark eye holes and three downward facing points where the mouth would be. The middle of the forehead, around the eyes, and the flattened nose are solid pieces of metal forming designs while the rest is filled in with filigree. The bottom of the helmet is red.

Her armor, like that of her sisters, is leather and metal. An ornate piece of armor covers her stomach. It is brown that has been covered in elaborate, symmetrical designs in gold. A pair of straps, decorated with gold medallions, go over each shoulder to hold up the armor. A belt made of gold plates and a leather strap protects the area above the armor and below the bust. The armor plates on her sides and hips are made of leather, edged in gold. Her boots are knee high and brown with gold filigree at the top. She is not wearing visible socks.

Geirdriful is wearing a tan dress. It is strapless and there is a red stripe at the top. The bottom, cut very high over both hips, is embellished in gold designs and leaves much of her legs exposed. Her shorts are brown with gold. She is wearing sleeves that go from just below her shoulders to the middle of her forearms. They are mostly tan with red at the top and bottom.

Olrun Olrun Encounter Video

Description goes here

Gondul Gondul Encounter Video

Description goes here

Rota Rota Encounter Video

Description goes here

Eir Eir Encounter Video

Description goes here

Hildr Hildr Encounter Video

Description goes here

Sigrun Encounter Footage

Description goes here.


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